Manjari Shukla


I think in each & every walk of life, dedication is required. Dedication

towards work increases the value of result. I one is dedicated to one’s work then one will be able to get the best results. Whenever we take some task or project, we want to accomplish it in a unique way & in order to complete it in a unique way, we must be dedicated towards our task or project.

The recipe of success needs Dedication as the salt. If in a dish, salt is missing the dish loses all its essence & taste & the person eating it, loses appetite but if salt is present in adequate measure, the dish becomes more delectable. Similarly, Dedication is like salt, if it is added in an adequate amount to any task the end product is as tasty as the dish with salt & if a person does not add the salt of Dedication, the end product is as bland as the dish without salt.

Everyone desires success in life & the simplest mantra of success is Dedication. A person following this simple mantra is sure to get success in every endeavour. Dedication to work not only satisfies the person who judges the work but also the person who does the work. So, we can say that Dedication

Not only gives great results but it also provides inner satisfaction & I feel if you are satisfied from within then you will be satisfied from without.

So, make Dedication your habit and success will be yours.



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