Manjari Shukla

Changing trends

In the changing scenario, we are coming in contact with various new things & ideologies. From chandu ki chai to having a cup of vintage tea, everything has become a style statement & everyday, we come across one or the other trend. In this fast-moving world, every new dawn brings new styles, new dimensions to living. I am not a very Fashion loving person, so, I won’t be too finicky about fashion statements, but all I know is that whatever makes you feel comfortable is fashionable for you. For me, comfort is the key to being fashionable. I know, people love imitating their favorite stars, but Imitation is not Fashion. Imitation can give you pleasure for a while, but if you are comfortable, you can remain in vogue forever.

Changing trends in every phase of life not only bring newness to one’s life, but they make life worth living. New trends spice up your life, & make it yummier………

So, get into your fashionable shoes & be ready to move on a path of fashion, which is full of panache & ostentation, but don’t forget to be comfortable……………….



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  1. Think Tank Says:

    Manjari ..get over using those flamboyant words