Manjari Shukla

How Filmy ! !

One day JAB WE MET, I thought KAHIN PYAAR NA HO JAYE. I was impressed by his TASHAN. But then suddenly I realized this ISHK VISHK will hold me from getting to my LAKSHYA. I started considering him an AJNABEE. But he was SAAWARIYA & one day when he saw me in BAZAAR, he asked MUJHSE DOSTI KAROGI. His innocence won my DIL, & I agreed. He gave his number to me, & said PHIR MILENGE.

On SUNDAY, he rang me up & when I picked up the phone, he said MUJHE KUCH KEHNA HAI. He asked me for a lunch; first I hesitated, but then agreed. We went to 36CHINA TOWN, the new restaurant in town, for lunch. When we were having our lunch, some college friends were doing TARA RUM PUM. It reminded me of my college days, when we were full of JOSH & did lots of MASTI. I thought DIL KA RISHTA with my friends remain intact forever. Suddenly, I heard a fire alarm, which was not actually fire alarm but my morning alarm; I woke up suddenly & realized it was a dream. Then my Mom came with my favourite Adrakh tea & I said, VAAH! LIFE HO TO AISI………………………



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