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Taking a Kitkat Break…..!!!!!!

Dear Readers,

I am gonna take a small kitkat break from all of you. I am going out of station for my Post Graduation. I’ll definitely try my level best to be in touch soon. As soon as I settle there, & get an internet connection I’ll be visiting your Beautiful Blogs. I must admit that your encouraging responses have made my life more beautiful & so, I’ll be back soon.

There’s a sincere request that please keep visiting my blog regularly & leave your precious comments on my other posts.

I’ve started missing my Home, My Friends, My Teachers & of course My readers, but I am confident that God will soon give me an opportunity to be in your contact, so till then keep visiting my Blog, I wish you all Good Luck…..!!!!!!!!

Keep Smiling………

With warm regards,


Manjari Shukla

Bliss of Dawn

(Its one of my older posts, and I wanted to share it with my new readers)

Waking up early in the morning, when the birds in their nests are getting dressed up to go for their jobs, when one hears the bleating of lambs from far-off places, then one feels this is the sight to behold. The soft & delicate glow in the east, which proves, very soon sun will enter the territory of human beings, so that they can start their day & make hay while the sun shines (literally).

I am not trying to be Lady Wordsworth, but really the bliss of dawn is marvelous. It is only during dawn, that we can come closest to nature. This time is free from pollution & even after living in the most crowded place you can enjoy the ecstasy of dawn. The breeze blowing during this time carries nature’s choicest blessings, & enjoying nature during dawn is one of the most enchanting experiences. The whole day we are busy in the humdrum of town life, but being a part of daybreak gives a magical touch to our boring lives. The dawn provides an amazing positive vibe, & keeps us agile all day long.

So, if you really wanna have the pleasant experience, please follow the cliché:

Early to bed, early to rise

Makes you healthy, wealthy & wise…………..



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Manjari Shukla

Coup d’oeil at Life

* The most destructive habit : Worry

* The greatest joy : Giving

* The greatest loss : Loss of self respect

* The most satisfying work : Helping others

* The ugliest personality trait : Selfishness

* The most endangered species : Dedicated Leaders

* Our greatest natural resource : Our Youth

* The greatest “Shot in the Arm” : Encouragement

* The greatest problem to overcome : Fear

* The most effective sleeping pill : Peace of Mind

* The most crippling failure disease : Excuses

* The most powerful force in life : Love

* The most dangerous pariah : A Gossiper

* The world’s most incredible computer : The Brain

* The worst thing to be without : Hope

* The deadliest weapon : The Tongue

* The two most power filled words : I Can

* The greatest asset : Faith

* The most worthless emotion : Self-pity

* The most beautiful attire : Smile

* The most prized possession : Integrity

* The most powerful channel of

communication : Prayer

* The most contagious spirit : Enthusiasm

* The most important thing in life : God

Chinese Proverb : “ When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others.”



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Manjari Shukla

A Protensive Search

When I met her, her hazel eyes were looking for someone. Clad in a beautiful white gown she was sitting on a silver throne. Her ornaments were of diamond & platinum, I was taken aback by her breath-taking appearance. She was so beautiful. Some sylphs with their gossamer wings were wandering around her throne as if protecting her pristine & aesthetic beauty. Do you know who was she?

She was DIVINITY and she was looking for her soul sister PEACE, who is lost in this Big, Bad World.

Will she ever be able to find her sister?



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