Manjari Shukla

Taking a Kitkat Break…..!!!!!!

Dear Readers,

I am gonna take a small kitkat break from all of you. I am going out of station for my Post Graduation. I’ll definitely try my level best to be in touch soon. As soon as I settle there, & get an internet connection I’ll be visiting your Beautiful Blogs. I must admit that your encouraging responses have made my life more beautiful & so, I’ll be back soon.

There’s a sincere request that please keep visiting my blog regularly & leave your precious comments on my other posts.

I’ve started missing my Home, My Friends, My Teachers & of course My readers, but I am confident that God will soon give me an opportunity to be in your contact, so till then keep visiting my Blog, I wish you all Good Luck…..!!!!!!!!

Keep Smiling………

With warm regards,


24 Responses
  1. Sandy Says:

    All the best for your PG. Hope you get back in contact soon.

  2. Arv Says:

    Wish you the best....

    take care and have a nice time...


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Have a Great life Ahead Manjari ..:)

    Wish you all the Best !

    Take acre and miss you here ya...


  4. parzi Says:

    hiee manjari
    first of all wish u all the very best for your post graduation!
    quickly settle down n come back here...n update us alright...we r all waiting for you dear!
    will miss u really!
    get back soon!
    gud luck!
    tk care!
    keep smiling!
    god bless!

  5. Avin Says:

    Wish you good luck for your new endeavor. Hope to see you through posts soon. Adios

  6. Aw.S.M Says:

    Good luckyw ith the PG harder :D...and always smile...:)


  7. Creativity!! Says:

    All The Very Best Success For Your PG Dear :) Take Care :) Miss You A Lot Dear :(

    Tata!!!!! Byee :)

  8. Hi Manjari:)

    I am thrilled to note you are going for your PG studies. Perhaps this is the first time you will be living out your house and the loving care of your parents. But then that is life. Change is the only permanent thing in life.

    Are you going to study in the same place where your friend Abhilasha is going to study? In which case you will be having Abhilasha with you.

    These days keeping in touch with internet friends is not all that difficult and as you rightly said it is only a KIT KAT BREAK:)

    Hope you will settle down fast and get in touch with us.

    My best wishes for all success and happiness,

  9. manivannan Says:

    My wishes and prayers to you manjari...

    Do well and come back soon :-)

  10. Salute Says:

    Wish you much success. Hope to see you back soon.

  11. Best wishes and Godspeed,Manjari
    Will look for your posts regularly

  12. While you enjoy your Kit Kat
    Make sure you dont chit chat
    For you are gone for studies
    And though you miss your buddies
    You have to concentrate
    And secure a good grade


  13. Blue Moon Says:

    @Dear Readers,

    I am THANKFUL for Your best wishes. I’ll catch you soon, till then you keep showering your responses on My Blog. Its your responses which make my NEW BLOSSOMS Fresh & Fragrant Forever……

    Thanks Again………….

    Keep Smiling……!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. Hello Manjari,

    Have a great life..

    Do come back soon :)

  15. Jack Says:


    Here am I. Read all available posts. Good to have such close friend. Is she also on Kit Kat break? It seems so. And I fully agree with you on Coup d'oeils gems.

    Take care

  16. Femin Susan Says:

    Wish you all the Best! Take Care....

  17. Disguise Says:

    Have an amazing life ahead!
    Good luck with whatever it is that comes your way ;)

    Take care!

  18. Farah Says:

    Good Luck for your post grad studies! =)

  19. Shawie Says:

    all the best and may God bless all your endeavors and plans:D enjoy life always!

  20. Well ,We will be waiting for your posts.Will do read all your posts in upcoming weeks.Indian bloggers are greately talented.Loved it

  21. We'll all miss you, Manjari!

    Hope you have an outstanding PG course. I've come to realise how much comments mean to a blogger :)

  22. Anonymous Says:

    quite interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter.

  23. Anonymous Says:

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