Manjari Shukla

Bliss of Dawn

(Its one of my older posts, and I wanted to share it with my new readers)

Waking up early in the morning, when the birds in their nests are getting dressed up to go for their jobs, when one hears the bleating of lambs from far-off places, then one feels this is the sight to behold. The soft & delicate glow in the east, which proves, very soon sun will enter the territory of human beings, so that they can start their day & make hay while the sun shines (literally).

I am not trying to be Lady Wordsworth, but really the bliss of dawn is marvelous. It is only during dawn, that we can come closest to nature. This time is free from pollution & even after living in the most crowded place you can enjoy the ecstasy of dawn. The breeze blowing during this time carries nature’s choicest blessings, & enjoying nature during dawn is one of the most enchanting experiences. The whole day we are busy in the humdrum of town life, but being a part of daybreak gives a magical touch to our boring lives. The dawn provides an amazing positive vibe, & keeps us agile all day long.

So, if you really wanna have the pleasant experience, please follow the cliché:

Early to bed, early to rise

Makes you healthy, wealthy & wise…………..



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19 Responses
  1. the wake of the morning,
    the dew on the grass,
    the serenity,
    the sleeping everyone,

    it makes me smile

    but then comes evening,
    the shining brass,
    the savage obscenities,
    where everybody is on a run

    and then nothing seems worthwhile.

    nyc post. :)
    good to see that there are still people in the world who enjoy mornings rather than sleep through them like i do.

    ps: try playing basketball in the morning, after a nyc long walk. makes it so much more fun.

  2. Creativity!! Says:

    Beautiful, Mind Refreshing Post :D Thanks A Lot For Sharing :) All The Very Best Success For Your Upcoming Posts :D Take Care.......Have A Wonderful Day :D Hugs!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tickled pink Says:

    mmmmmm amazing lines Manjari. Very imaginative and picturesque description.

    Really, dawn is the best time of the day signifying hope, laughter, purity and happiness.

    Honey dipped lines Manjari. Really enchanting.

    Loved it a lot. Superb.


  4. Arv Says:

    I used to do that... but ever since my last trip... am sleeping at odd times...

    waking up early is good... but at 0430 is not so good :)

    take care mate.. cheers...

  5. parzi Says:

    splendid description...very nicely written..and so very true...
    loved it!
    keep writing
    god bless!

  6. A very refreshing post!
    The positive vibes emanating from your blog threaten to convert me into a creature of the day! O.o

    You just got another follower!

    Also, do visit my blog sometime :

    Cheers :)

  7. Salute Says:

    Very inspiring. And thanks for visiting and leaving comments on my blog. Have a great week.

  8. Avin Says:

    Nothing but cricket and train can wake me up early in the morning. Not even my own house warming ceremony could do it. Morning is something i would love to see but then sleeping is far more tempting you see, just like your post :)

  9. "The whole day we are busy in the humdrum of town life, but being a part of daybreak gives a magical touch to our boring lives."

    That was beautiful, Manjari. I'm afraid I'm not a part of daybreak as often as I should be :P

    There's a lot to be said for waking up with the sun directly above your head too :P

  10. Debbie Says:

    What a beautiful post. And the photo is perfect for it.

  11. WinGMaker Says:

    I used to wake up early back in school days!!
    Cometh grow old...and early mornings are taboo unless you have a journal to complete!!
    But today i got up see the i got a chance to enjoy the dawn..the morning breezes really has an amazing effect on your thought process...
    Its was usually wake up late..cold breakfast..gory newspaper and sleepy eyes!
    I guess..I have to change now!~!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    really loved this post :) nice blog !

  13. Early to bed and early to rise
    Makes you health, wealthy, happy and wise..

    I always add the word happy because one finds peace and happiness in the early hours..

    But waking up early is really a tough demand you are making on us... The early morning light breeze is also perfect to crawl back to the bed and cling to the dreams...

    More seriously, one should make this a ritual and the body clock will automatically remind us..

    Nice one, dear Manjari.. keep writing..


  14. Hi Manjari:)

    Very interesting and useful post.

    Most of us have forgotten the age old wisdom---Early to bed, early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise. Most of us hardly get up in the morning. Even if we get up we don’t step outside. In my own case I get up and sit either with the computer with a cup of tea or read newspaper although I know the heavenly glory is outside the house. The fresh, unpolluted air, the magic in the sky, the singing of the birds etc.

    This reminds me of the saying EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM.

    The problem with modern day working people is that they work late and sleep late. They just can’t get up in the morning. This has become the norm of the day and if any one can’t cope up with this kind of rigorous life they will be left behind. There may be exception to this rule.

    I enjoyed reading your wonderful post and the lovely photo.

    Have a lovely day Manjari:)

  15. CJ Says:

    Very true Manjari. I go for a morning walk every day and experience all that you have portrayed.

  16. Rhapsody B. Says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm.....i suppose, though there is beauty in the quiet of the night as well.

  17. Aw.S.M Says:

    Lovely lines deary :)

    but i m sorry i beg to differ..i dont think i ve ever seen the dawn..i always sleep late and wake even later!!..its something i ve done all my life..right through at work..i follow the adage.. "therz plenty of time to sleep when one is dead " :P...

    to each his own eh :D..

    but once again..beautiful lines :)


  18. manivannan Says:

    Like dawn, it was a bliss reading your lovely post :-)