Manjari Shukla

True Love

Sweet, Simple & Divine.

I feel these three words define LOVE in the best way. Love is a rare blessing which is bestowed on a handful of people, those who value it are the luckiest & those who take it as a time pass are the most unfortunate ones. True love is a rare opportunity & very few people get this opportunity in life. In this fast pace world, everyone has become so ambitious that, no one has time for love, this is the reason why there are so many cases of divorces in present world. Everyone needs his/her space, & if one interferes in others’ life, it is intolerable. When God created the world, he created it with lots of love, compassion, kindness, but with the passage of time, values changed, people started taking everything for granted, & this is the biggest mistake they committed. No doubt, progress is good, but forgetting the essence of living, & being part of the rat race is utter stupidity.

People believe, living in Utopia is malarkey, but I feel those who are true at heart & pure in soul can achieve what they desire. In today’s world, it is necessary to be diplomat, tactful, because if you are not shrewd, people will take advantage of your innocence & simplicity. In short, you have to create a fa├žade to live in today’s BIG, BAD World. But, let me tell you friends, if you feel & believe in the fact that God had sent a soul mate for you, then you will definitely meet him/her, today or tomorrow. The whole world is existing on belief, so if you believe, you will achieve, not only prosperity, power, but True Love also. When you will receive true love, you will find that life has become worth living, your ideologies will change, at that time don’t forget to thank the almighty. Life will be more pleasing & in case you land in trouble, your soulmate will help you to come out of it.

So, be a part of this diplomatic world, but at the same time deep down in your heart believe that you will get your true love.

With Best Wishes…………….



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