Manjari Shukla

From Glory To Grave

In our Graduation days, we learnt the following poem:

The Garlands wither on your brow

Then boast no more your mighty deeds,

Upon Death’s purple altar now

See where the victor-victim bleeds

Your heads must come

To the cold tomb;

Only the actions of the just

Smell sweet, & blossom in their dust.

Human ambitions are beyond limits. Everyone desires to be the Best forgetting the fact that all the achievements are nothing but material pursuits & one day everyone has to depart from this world leaving behind everything. Coincidently the thing which we take with us & which remains here, after our death is the same i.e. OUR GOOD DEEDS. Our magnanimity, our kindness towards poor & needy, our loyalty & love make us a good human being. Striving to be a good human being should be the pivotal aim of our life. Committing misdeeds, ditching innocent people, playing with emotions mars the spirit of being human. In Hindu mythology, it is believed that that human form is achieved after taking 84 lac births. It means, the form of the most able species on land, is achieved after so much of toil. I know, now a days people don’t believe too much in mythological stories but even if we remove the myths, we must contemplate on the fact why God has given us a human form, there must be some reason because EVERY WHY HAS A WHEREFORE. I feel a human form is an indication of the mission which we have to accomplish & the only mission of a human should be spreading love & humanity & so one should devote his/her time & efforts for the same. If one will engage in bragging about achievements, one will fail to reach the ultimate glory. One should live every moment in such a way that it’s the last moment to live life. Try to make everyone happy around you so that your good deeds become pleasant memories when you are not present in the world. Your bad deeds can be source of sorrow for others. The poem quoted above expressed the fact that the just & good actions never wither & they always smell sweet, & blossom after one’s death.

So, if you want flowers on your grave bloom forever, start having an upright life which focuses on Good Deeds. Work in such a way that people should remember you after your death & take you as an Epitome of Excellence.



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Manjari Shukla

Nom de Plume


Pseudonyms have always fascinated me. This might have got something to do with myself being a literature student. I always came across pseudonyms used by some great writers like:

Mary Ann Evans aka George Eliot

Teodor Jozef Konrad Korzeniowski aka Joseph Conrad

Eric Blair aka George Orwell

Samuel Langhorne Clemens aka Mark Twain

Hector Hugh Munro aka Saki

When I started writing I thought, I will use a pen name- SIMRAN MALHOTRA just for fun. After all I should show some influence of my favourite writers & I think I've paid my tribute to them. Now its time for me to return to my real name that is MANJARI SHUKLA. So I've dropped my pen name and now my real name will interact with my dear readers. I hope my real identity will also keep my readers enthusiastic about watering the New Blossoms of my garden as usual.

(The concept of this article was given by my Best friend)

Enjoy Life..!!!!!!!


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