Manjari Shukla

Mon ami

(My Friend)

Mischievous and yet pure at heart; these two simple words describe the personality of My Best friend, Abhilasha. From the day we met till today, every moment had proved that we are definitely connected by some karmic connections. The way she understands me and the way we have grown together proves only one fact that she is really special to me. It’s just been three years when we met in college and sowed the seed of our friendship, but today I feel we have been friends since ages. I have a long list of friends and I love them a lot but my best friend is more than a friend to me, I feel she is an extension of my personality. I am fortunate to have a friend like her and I thank God for it. It’s a fact that with passage of time many relationships change, and they lose their impact on human heart, but I will try my level best to hold this relationship with my best friend till the end of time. I promise that I will be there for her in happy as well as trying times and I hope that together, we will enjoy the fruits of the friendship tree, which we have freshly planted.


With Best Wishes



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