Manjari Shukla

Mon ami

(My Friend)

Mischievous and yet pure at heart; these two simple words describe the personality of My Best friend, Abhilasha. From the day we met till today, every moment had proved that we are definitely connected by some karmic connections. The way she understands me and the way we have grown together proves only one fact that she is really special to me. It’s just been three years when we met in college and sowed the seed of our friendship, but today I feel we have been friends since ages. I have a long list of friends and I love them a lot but my best friend is more than a friend to me, I feel she is an extension of my personality. I am fortunate to have a friend like her and I thank God for it. It’s a fact that with passage of time many relationships change, and they lose their impact on human heart, but I will try my level best to hold this relationship with my best friend till the end of time. I promise that I will be there for her in happy as well as trying times and I hope that together, we will enjoy the fruits of the friendship tree, which we have freshly planted.


With Best Wishes



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  1. Tickled pink Says:

    Manjari, I am speechless and overwhelmed. Never thought someone would voice her feelings for me in such a pure and beautiful manner.I am really lucky to have a friend who is so thoughtful and cares to utter her thoughts meaningfully.
    Its a rare trait coz generally people take their relationships for granted. But you have got the gift to express and really I am TICKLED PINK. This is the best gift anybody could have ever given me.Thank you so very much my dear. I hope our relationship stands the test of time and grows thicker n thicker n thicker...n....
    Love u lots
    take care

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Manjari ...

    Wat a lovely dedication..!

    **I feel she is an extension of my personality.

    These words prove the intensity of the bond u both share..! I'm very much impressed the way you value your friends and relations..

    needless to say how much thrilled and overwhelmed ,Abilasha wud be...yeah i cn see thru her comment..:)

    Great going gals..!

    I wish you both a wonderful life ahead..!

    Let me toast for your loving bond and for two loving souls..:)


  3. Sayani Says:

    Here is where the divinity lies and gal you are fortunate to experience it :)
    To find one's extention is really hard to find and am happy for you :)

    btw thanks for dropping by and leave such a sweet comment .
    take care

  4. Pallav Says:

    hey Lucky girl tht u got such a nice frnd
    thanks for Dropping by..
    do visit on my other blog
    You Never Know
    hey i m gonna follow ur blog..


  5. Tickled pink Says:

    Yes Vyshu I'm really thrilled to see this wonderful dedication.Manjari you are a sweetheart.
    love you

  6. Tickled pink Says:

    You Know Manjari, now I am gonna start my day with this post. Its so elevating to know someone cares this much for you. I am really very happy. Thank You my lovely.

  7. Blue Moon Says:


    With Love,

  8. parzi Says:

    hieee manjari..
    thats an awesome dedication...really very sweeeet n touching...both of u best friends r lucky 2 have each other...hope ur friendship gts stronger with each passing day..
    n thank u soooooooooooooooo much fr visiting my blog...n fr ur appreciation n encouragement...i'm overwhelmed..n ur blog is gr8...u will find me here 4 sure....
    tk care
    god bless!

  9. Think Tank Says:

    aha manjari drling ispe to main phone par hi comments marungi ..acid one's too :P

    @abhi zyada khush mat ho. abhi mera dedication a rela hai

  10. Anupama Says:

    Very nicely expressed. Your friendship will see new heights everyday because both of you value it and care for it. May your friendship stays in the cocoon of love.God bless you both

  11. Praveen Says:

    Very well written. Abhilasha must be jumping with joy n yes I can see she really is.She is lucky to have a friend like you who thinks her to be worth a marvelous dedication.God bless ur friendship.
    take care

  12. Tickled pink Says:

    wow Manjari everybody is talking so nicely about our friendship. Big thanks to you and yes ofcourse.....touch wood..

  13. Hi Manjari:)


    I am thrilled to read this wonderful feelings for your friend expressed in the most beautiful words. Very rarely we come across good friends. They are like rare gems which we must treasure and nurture to the best of our ability. Only then it will last for a life time.

    I hope and pray that both of you will cherish and nourish this great friendship for ever.

    I also hope you will find many more good friends.

    Lovely colorful photo.

    Have a wonderful day Manjari:)

  14. Blue Moon Says:

    Dearest Dear Abhi,

    It’s a Pakka promise hat we will remain thick as thieves forever & ever& ever…………………….. :)

    Love You Hamesha…………

    Your highly indebted frnd

  15. That was a beautiful post, Manjari. I wish we could all express our love for our friends in such an honest and heartfelt manner.

    A true friend is perhaps the kind of person that's hardest to find - I'm happy that you've found one :)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, by the way, and I hope you'll keep visiting it.

  16. Aw.S.M Says:

    Hey thats such a sweet dedication to a best friend. U should get her to read it. :)..i m sure she ll love it when she knows the degree of affection u have for her. But i guess she already does. Nice work


  17. Creativity!! Says:

    Extremely beautiful description, with eye-catching, heart touching phrases Dear :D All The Very Best Success :) May you both stay as Special Friends, throughout your LIFE :)

  18. Blue Moon Says:

    Thanks Readers for your valuable comments. Plzzzzzz keep visiting.

    Have a gr88888888888 day ahead………..


  19. Tickled pink Says:

    All I can say is Thanx and a big hug. Thids means a lot to me