Manjari Shukla

Walking down the memory lane…………..

I am dead. By God’s grace my good deeds brought me in Paradise, its simply beautiful. God asked me what I want now? I said can I have a glance of my life from childhood to death? He agreed & handed me the Book of My Life. I opened the book & started turning the pages. Walking down the memory lane through this book, I came to Chapter-1- Childhood. While I was going through it, I found someone standing, when I asked who he was, he turned to me & said, I’m your childhood. I said what he feels about me? He replied, you were a sweet & innocent child, close to everyone. By God’s blessings you got the most loving parents, they took care of you & made you a good human being; you reciprocated their love in a nice way. I am happy by your conduct& I give you permission to move ahead.

I moved to the next chapter, it was Adolescence. Here too, I met someone. On asking who he was, he replied “I am Adolescence, that phase of a person’s life in which he/she dwindles. Sometimes he/she is treated like a child & sometimes as a grown-up. ” I asked him the same question, what it felt about me, when I was passing through him? He said, like others you also dwindled between many things but since God gave you the best parents & choicest friends, you never went to wrong path, you never did wrong to anybody. You were naughty & mischievous but everyone loved you because you were true at heart & pure in soul. I am satisfied by your conduct & grant you permission to move ahead.

The next chapter of my life was Youth. When I reached to this chapter, I found Youth waiting to talk to me. He understood what I wanted to know from him& said, you were a nice person, innocent, loving, helpful & kind, but at times your words unintentionally hurt some people. Since your upbringing was good, so every time when you found yourself guilty you apologized, your right conduct always impressed people & you were forgiven. You were intelligent & that’s why you fulfilled your dreams & became successful. Later you got married& became a loving wife & responsible & caring mother. I am contented by your behaviour & now you can have a glance of the last chapter of your life.

I came to the last chapter of the book, i.e. Old Age. When I turned the page, I found a shriveled person. I understood, he was old age, I asked him what it felt about me? He gave me an innocent smile & said, you lived up to everyone’s expectations. You maintained your innocence & honesty throughout your life & that’s why God gave you an opportunity to turn the pages of your life once again. I am very happy with you. The book ended, I handed the book to God. God said, he gives qualities to his every child & those who keep that quality from birth till death, he gives them an opportunity to glance at Book of their life after death, if they wish. He said, since you maintained the innocence & honesty, I gave you a chance to once again walk don the memory lane. I thanked God for everything & he embraced me lovingly.



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