Manjari Shukla

A Protensive Search

When I met her, her hazel eyes were looking for someone. Clad in a beautiful white gown she was sitting on a silver throne. Her ornaments were of diamond & platinum, I was taken aback by her breath-taking appearance. She was so beautiful. Some sylphs with their gossamer wings were wandering around her throne as if protecting her pristine & aesthetic beauty. Do you know who was she?

She was DIVINITY and she was looking for her soul sister PEACE, who is lost in this Big, Bad World.

Will she ever be able to find her sister?



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24 Responses
  1. Tickled pink Says:

    Amazing Manjari.

    Very creatively put.The use of imagery is wonderful.Short, sweet and thought provoking.

    Looking at the present scenario of the world I think its a bit difficult task for divinity.........peace....I don't know... till these terrorist groups are existing...practcally speaking- a far cry...

  2. Anonymous Says:

    awww...lovely manjari..!

    Very cute post all i can say ...all i want is peace every where..

    Good theme Dear ..:)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Your blog makes me read, feel and live at peace. There's something about it. Every word you write is just amazing. I'm sure she'll find her sister someday :)

    You're too good. :)

  4. That was really well written, Manjari.

    The metaphor of the two sisters was beautiful. If only peace were so easy to find in the world...

    Hope your next posts are just as moving :)

  5. Think Tank Says:

    :) ..happy searching

  6. Jinxed Pixie Says:

    ah ah..nicely metaphorical (ahem, I know that just didn't make any sense grammatically)..
    lovely post!

  7. Suyog Says:

    nice search for nice things....but its very hard to find

  8. Creativity!! Says:

    Fantastic.......Dear :) Keep Blogging :) You have a great creative mind :)

  9. Femin Susan Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. I just checked all of your blogs and they are great!

    Your blog is very well designed. It is my great pleasure to have met you.
    I am glad that I met you.

  10. Hi Manjari:)


    The photograph is spellbinding.

    Your description of divinity is awe inspiring and made me wonder at your creative talent which is absolutely fantastic. You transported me into a special world, which is heavenly and gorgeous.

    But whether this DIVINITY will find her sister PEACE in this world is a mater of debate.

    Peace has been elusive all over the world.

    As long as people are divided by race, religion, caste, creed, boundaries, nationalities, languages it will be difficult to find peace.

    As long as there are rich people and poor people peace will become a rare commodity.

    As long as there are greedy politicians who go around preaching hatred and misunderstanding among people peace cannot be found.

    Even in families where there are hot tempered and short tempered people peace is difficult to exist.

    As long as an individual is self seeking, domineering, rude, greedy, jealous, sadistic etc. he will go around sowing seeds of discontent and discord and shattering peace.

    So how can the charming DIVINITY find the wonderful PEACE?

    Every one wants peace- in houses, offices, communities, nations.

    Both inner peace and outer peace is always elusive and a dream.

    Many thanks for sharing this enchanting post which I enjoyed very much.

    Kudos and congratulations to your creative writing.

    Wish you a bright and beautiful day Manjari:)

  11. Arv Says:

    Peace is within us... and once we all start to find it within us, so will this world... and it will surely be divine :)

    take care da... cheers...

  12. CJ Says:

    Divinity and Peace walk hand in hand in your heart. Look inside and embrace them. When you do that, unconditional love will blossom!!

  13. Creativity!! Says:

    Dear, I extremely liked ur blog a lot :) from Today, I will be ur follower & will surely visit frequently :D

  14. WinGMaker Says:

    @ Manjari: Well, I have to say i have the same opinion as "Arv"..which may stand for Aravind if i am not wrong...and also "CJ".

    Peace is standing right there..besides you..Even in the moments of utter despair...

    Its inside us..its outside us...its all around us...and its powerful.

    But we tend to look right through her...because we are ignorant...

    "Divinity has already found peace!"

    The two sister are inseparable...They are nonexistent without the other...There is no diviner than peace..

    Well..Its like "Peace" is a worm-hole that links you to reach the dimensions of "divinity" and this very process is called Nirvana..or Bramha-Nirvana or Moksha or anything u want to call it.

    So..the search should not be for peace...but for true higher knowledge..for enlightenment...which can help us see peace and be divine...

    :) :) :)

  15. Hey... that was beautiful there :) amazing stuff u've written re...

    I don't know if the two sisters can be united or not, but I hope so...

    Cheers... keep blogging

  16. Highly imaginative post portraying the search for the elusive Peace even by Divinity.Nicely written

  17. Rhapsody B. Says:

    We live in a world of paradoxes, negative the flip side of positive, dark/light, good/bad, ugly/beautiful they exists on the same plain it simply depends on where you at and how that influences how you contextualize the world.

    Nice piece.
    Thank you for visiting you are welcome to come anytime and comment on anything that inspires you to share the way you see and articulate the world. Stay blessed.

  18. Aw.S.M Says:

    She ll have to try real real hard...but divinty is divine ..she might eventually find her :D

    Well written ...:D


  19. Anonymous Says:

    I hope she does :)

    Have a great weekend :)


  20. Salute Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a wonderful comment.

  21. Blue Moon Says:

    Thanks readers. your comments are really very encouraging. Plzzzzzzzz be in touch....


  22. manivannan Says:

    WOW! A commendable piece of writing. I liked your imagination.

    Where there is divinity, certainly there is peace. You can also say the other way around. They both are always inseparable. But the problem now is we have lost both and not aware where to find them :-)

    Your blog is lovely! Keep up the admirable work :-)


  23. Satyu Says:

    Hey...that was awesome

    Completely touched.
    I wish Divinity meets her soul sister.. :)

    keep smiling

  24. Anonymous Says:

    ha, I will try out my thought, your post get me some good ideas, it's truly awesome, thanks.

    - Norman