Manjari Shukla


Corners are very much a part of our daily lives but since they do not have a conspicuous appearance as well importance, we generally ignore them. Every building has corners, but they are not noticed, just because they have no special or significant purpose. Apart from the corners in buildings, there are Ice-cream corners, Chaat corners etc, these corners are always flanked by people not because they are corners, but because these corners have something which relish people. Generally, the word, “Corner” is associated with a place which is not in the limelight but it exists. Whenever I hear the word corner, my mind visualizes a small, cozy, secret place. It is said that corners act as turning points because when one reaches a corner & turns, he/she changes the direction. If we visualize corner as something through which we can change our directions, then this corner can act as a moralizing point. Sometimes, we are distracted from our paths & decide to change the direction, this change in direction is only possible, if we land near a corner.

Corners are places where not only directions but sometimes ideologies also change. Apart from food corners, there are educational corners which bring a new vibe in our lackluster & tedious lives. One more thing which can be said about corners is that they never provide disappointment because on reaching a corner a person definitely changes his/her direction. He never lands in a place from where he cannot come out. Corners provides alternatives, they provide a new passage if the old passage is blocked. Thus, corners in spite of being insignificant play a very significant role, in our daily lives. People find their lives changing by the different corners but they generally forget to appreciate the presence of corners because being insignificant in appearance, the importance of corners is always skipped by human minds.



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