Manjari Shukla

On Mother’s Day…………

The bliss of motherhood cannot be expressed in words. It is a feeling beyond any description & can only be felt. With the changing world, many values & morals are changing, but the values & morals associated with motherhood are still the same. The feeling of holding your child, in your arms is simply splendid. A mother is a synonym of God, our creator. She brings us in this world, so that we can make our lives worthwhile & thereby thank Almighty.

Mother is closest to a child’s heart. She understands his/her every move. We can say that we all are nothing but an extension of our mother. We are a part of her & that is why even if she scolds us, we all remain the favourite of her. She can never dislike us, because we are a part of her. Everyone loves one’s own things & a child is the closest person to mother. She conceives us, & after our birth takes care of us, like a body part. We all love our body, take care of it so that it remains healthy & beautiful; likewise a mother takes care of her baby. We all are our Dad’s favorite also, but Motherly love is interminable.

So, love your mother, take care of her & do every possible thing which makes her happy. I must tell you that loving your Mother, is equivalent to loving God.



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    beautiful idea it once more and you'll e able to shape it better. And stop giving your mail out in public