Manjari Shukla

'The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence'.

It is human nature, that what we have, we don’t value it. God gives us life, so that we can enjoy it with what we’ve, but we always crave for some or the other thing in life. We are never satisfied with what we have. The most important thing to note is that, we human beings love the things which our neighbor or friends have. Its human psychology that it always feels what others have is the best, & what we have is of mediocre variety. This psychology is the reason for many problems. If human beings will feel that what they have is the best then 80% of the problems will be solved. It is the psychology of getting more, & especially what your neighbor has leads to depression & dejection in life.

Satisfaction is a rare trait, & those who have satisfaction in what they have are the luckiest, because they can enjoy life properly & can create new vistas for others. We always crave for something or the other, forgetting the fact that what we have should be properly utilized. When time passes, we realize we’ve missed many opportunities, & then the true worth of what we had is felt.

So, I think, what we have, we must give value to it. We must crave for other things in life, but we must give value to what we have. Because, a bird in hand, is better than two in a bush. Make your glasses green, and then you’ll find that the grass is greener in your garden also.



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