Manjari Shukla

“Knowledge is power.”

-Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon was the famous essayist of his time. His essays were so famous that sometimes he is referred to as father of English essays. He said, “Knowledge is power.” Before describing the quote lets first understand, what is power and what is knowledge separately. Power is something which gives a person an edge over others. The power need not be physical, it can be mental, psychological, technical, intellectual, political & the list is ad infinitum. In simple words, power makes a person powerful & distinguishes him/her from others. Coming to the meaning of knowledge, we can say knowledge gives wisdom and proper & persistent knowledge leads to enlightenment. One thing which should be clarified is that knowledge & literacy are two different terms, & must not be confused.. a person can be literate but can have no knowledge, likewise a person need not be literate, to be knowledable. Literacy depends on reading books & knowledge means use of intellect & understanding in daily life.

Knowledge gives you an edge over others, & it is just like power. If knowledge will be properly used & applied it can make you powerful. A person who believes in the power of knowledge can make impossible, possible. Frankly speaking knowledge is invincible; the person who realizes the power of knowledge can change the world.

So, gear up yourself & be ready to unleash the power of knowledge.



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