Manjari Shukla

“…………..happiness was but the occasional episode in a general drama of pain.”

-Thomas Hardy

According to an oft quoted saying “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. But I feel, “Happiness is next to Godliness”. God has given us a beautiful gift of life and by being sad we do not do justice to him. Happiness is very much necessary in a person’s life. A happy person enjoys life completely and truly values God’s priceless gift. Those who brood over past events and future prospects not only disregard God’s gift but they do injustice to themselves.

Life should be enjoyed with happiness and delight. I do not agree with Hardy’s view, I feel sadness is an occasional episode & those who deal with sadness become aware of the real essence of life. We are here on earth to accomplish certain goals & if we’ll be happy always we’ll accomplish those goals much faster & in a much better way.

Happiness &sorrow are like two seasons. If one season is there, the next is sure to follow. The best way to enjoy these two seasons is to have patience. Becoming overjoyed in happiness & distressed in sadness mars the essence of living.

Our life is very precious and in order to maintain its preciousness & glow, we must polish it with happiness. This polishing by happiness maintains the lusture of life and we find that God’s blessings are reflecting through this polished life.

So, remain happy. Even if sadness comes, deal with it patiently and I am sure very soon the autumn of sadness will change into spring of happiness.

Love and Live Life ! ! ! ! !



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