Manjari Shukla

Today, at a far off place, near an attic..I found a small corner, where I found a number of things, small, big, medium…all were talking with each other, these things were the things which were lost by their owners in one way or the other, some were deliberately lost, and some where made to be lost and some were just lost…the corner of the attic had a book, a watch, a mirror, a color box, a drawing book, a photograph of a lady, small earrings and many more……these lost things, as I said were in a talkative session, each narrating their plight, and how they happened to be there, slowly I entered that corner of the attic and started listening to their conversation, some of them were sad, because they were happy being with their owners,and were missing their place and some were too happy by being part of the club…yes… Club of Lost Things….the things which were happy, were trying to make others happy….coz this was the fate of all the members to be part of the club forever, once they entered it, in one or the other way… the conversation was goin on when some more lost articles, came and joined the session, the best part about the club was that there was no typical hierarchy maintained here, no one was big, nor was anyone small, every thing had its say, and every other thing/things were listening…all were equal…the next interesting thing which I realised is that, now I know, what happens to the things which gets lost, and I will keep it a secret with myself, because if I will be talking to people about this place, the only place where equality is maintained will be LOST…and…hence I will be silent about this place…though I have talked about it, but I will not tell the address, coz Loss of the Club of Lost Things will be a big issue….
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