Manjari Shukla

Lost in the maze of thoughts, my mind found a thought which was lying in a corner of my conscience, it was an old one, and hence, the dust of memories have covered it from top to toe, I found it while I was brushing the shelves of my conscience. It was silent and did not move, as I tried coming close to it..
Suddenly  a sound penetrated my conscience,  the silent thought regained itself, and a slight movement was observed, I thought and realised, this was not dead, but was dormant for a while, or was dormant for past many ages, its this cleaning of the shelves of my conscience, which has brought it out in daylight, slowly and steadily, this memory too got its own conscience, and then what happened was really painful, I found it was one of the worst memories which I had, had since my childhood, no matter how hard I tried, I was not able to cope up with the aspects, it started once again unfolding, I cursed myself for the cleaning job of my conscience, as the time went by, this memory started getting more and more prominent, in my current memory status…I was trying my level best to once again shut this corner of my mind forever, but nothing was working out, each time I tried relegating it to the back doors, it came with a new bang…I am still trying to send it to the place from where it emerged,but to no avail…
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  1. Hahaha.You have written this post so picturesquely that I could see the worrying thought moving and getting up in full vigour to trouble you with old memories.How I wish we had a delete button to erase completely unwanted memories.But I shudder at the thought that world will become then more wicked and cruel if such a device is found.
    Nice poist written very well.