Manjari Shukla

Rolling down from the valley, the boulder finally fell into the nearby lake, was the fate of the boulder this?? Or was it something else…no one knows, but still it lost its original position in the valley just to fall in the lake, which was at the end of the valley. Dripping dew was wetting everything around and the wetty atmosphere was adding new hues to my deplorable condition. The rays of the sun were trying to penetrate the walls of the castle just to get a glance of the situation what was going on inside….tumbling down the hill they fell with a pale of water…what is going on????...hey…I am asking you….yes…you…if nothing is happening what is this which you have written……….stream of my scattered thoughts which came to my mind right now and I jotted them down….still thinking…no…not you….but You….yes You…You are still thinking….carry on………..
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  1. Jack Says:

    B M,

    Read all pending posts now. I agree with you not to reveal that talk and place of equality as it would get corrupted by the system. That rock went to its final destination. At times when we think of happenings of past, our conscience does trouble us. You set me thinking on this.

    Take care

  2. Jack Says:
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