Manjari Shukla

What should I think? Is it necessary to think? Why? Is thinking the be all andend all, as said by Descartes I think therefore I am…or should certain things remain out of this thinking domain… can’t we ascribe certain things in the domain of feeling… can’t we say I feel, therefore I am…thinking , I think in some way or the other is restricted to a set group of people who are sound intellectually in some way or the other, but feeling is something which is bound to everyone…it comes effortlessly, without any prior knowledge of anything or everything, but thinking, yes it needs atleast some effort.
This write up is what…? A thinking effort or an effort of my suppressed feelings.
2 Responses
  1. This has left mme confused.Can there be a feeling without mind?Can you feel cold without mind telling you so?If you fall in love, is it the outcome of thoughts from your mind?Can the thoughts in the mind be eliminated and only the feeling felt?
    I think I am lost.Your post raises moire questions than answers.
    Thank is interesting.

  2. Jack Says:

    B M,

    I think this is my first visit. Read all current posts or rather more of poems. Loved the way you express yourself. Silence is so very true as many of us have silent hopes or aspirations. To find purpose of life is something which many have tried and not fully succeeded. This post shows thought process which could be due to feeling suppressed.

    Take care