Manjari Shukla


When we hear the word Trouble; what exactly comes to our mind? When we hear the word Trouble, our mind generally visualizes an incarceration in which we are kept & even after numerous efforts we find ourselves incapable to come out of it.

Although, we know this is a pessimistic thought & one should try to be optimistic in ones life. Let me tell you friends that troubles are touchstones. They test our potential. If one’s life will be full of bed of roses, then there will be no zest for higher ambition & standard of living. Troubles challenge us to fight against all odds to accomplish the desired goals.

Life is full of intricacy & the correct way of living life is to face troubles with courage & patience to become a true winner. Numerous ideologies are intertwined in life and we normally choose the ideologies, which we feel as correct and appropriate to handle the situation. Troubles give us energy and direct the way to face the challenges of life. Some people get disheartened while facing trouble in their life. They hardly make them able to face & fight against troubles & ultimately surrender & accept defeat. Losers are not those who lose, but those who fail to try again & again.

Our real worth is found only when we are able to face troubles & able to come out of them. One who has a positive outlook towards life can take troubles as opportunities. Whenever an opportunity comes in our life, we try to make the most out of it. Likewise, a trouble tests our mettle to handle life. One who comes out of trouble is a real winner & one who gets trapped in trouble is a real loser. Those who fail to come out of trouble hardly succeed in life. A trouble teaches us about the essence of living & those who are not aware of the essence of living are losers.

So if trouble knocks your door, welcome it as an opportunity. Don’t run away like a loser but prove your mettle by coming out of trouble & I am sure living life will be more easy & enthusiastic for you.



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