Manjari Shukla

Treasuring Relations

Wake up, Rohan, its 7o’clock in the morning & you are still in bed. Get up, son!

Rohan’s mom entered his room after uttering these words.

But where was Rohan? He never slept so long. Rohan, Antara’s son had recently died of leukemia & she is unable to accept the reality. She still feels that Rohan is present in the house. She is a single mother because her husband died in a plane crash three years ago. Since then, Rohan was her only companion. They shared fabulous moments together & now when Rohan is no more, Antara do not want to accept the reality.

Rohan was fully aware of his disease before it started showing serious symptoms , but since the financial conditions of the house were not so good, he was not able to get himself properly checked. He was working in a private firm, when he got to know about his ailment. He wanted to earn a lot in a short span of time, so that after his death his mom can live comfortably. But time was running like anything. Due to his illness, he was not able to give his 100% at work. His incapability to continue forced him to leave the job. When Antara came to know about all this, she was shocked. Everything was going so well, they had started living after Rohan’s father’s death, & now suddenly, the clouds of sadness, once again started surrounding her life. She tried everything to save her son’s life but destiny had something else in its hand.

Its been two months, since Rohan departed for his heavenly abode, but still Antara comes to his room every morning, asks him to get up, with a hope that from somewhere he’ll call & say, Mom, I am here.

I know, it was a very common story, but my aim behind writing this was to show how there are some relations which even after a person’s death remain close to the existing people. There are people not only mother & son, but lovers, relatives, friends who leave a deep imprint on our heart & our life. God forbid, if someone loses a near or dear one in some mishap, accident etc. the pain, suffering which he/ she suffers is beyond any explanation.We do not have any control on our destiny, so we should do only one thing, treasure our relations because they are invaluable & precious, & if they will be lost, we’ll be lost in life. Those who matter the most in your life, make them feel important, because if they will be gone, you will be all alone. Try to make the most of every moment & try to make all those people special, who hold a special place in your life. I know silence speaks volumes but sometimes it is necessary to speak your heart out.



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  1. Tickled pink Says:

    really touching.v.sad but becomes very sad.good attempt.