Manjari Shukla


The 11 letter word ‘EXPECTATION’ has always taken an imperative place in our lives. If we think deeply, we will realize that since the time of our birth till the time of our death, we expect something or the other. It is not bad to expect something or the other, but when some of our expectations remain unfulfilled, we feel that we are the saddest person on earth. Generally we expect love, attention, loyalty, success etc in our life. A child expects attention & love from his/her parents, a loves expects love & loyalty of his beloved, a teacher expects a hard-working & obedient student, our hard work expects success in the end & the list of expectations can go on & on forever.

Expecting is a genuine trait & there is no one in this world (except recluse) who expects nothing. I feel the concept of expectations takes birth in us only if we have belief & trust on the other person. Try to recall a single incident, when you have expected something from a stranger or an unknown person? I think your answer will be NO. Generally we expect from those who have a deep impact on us & this is the reason why, when some of our expectations remain unfulfilled, we feel as if we are the saddest ones. If a stranger hurts you unintentionally or intentionally, you don’t take it so seriously but if a close friend, a lover etc hurts you, you become heart-broken. Do you know why, because you did not expect this from him/her? On one side, expectations give you pleasure & on another incessant pain. When your expectations are fulfilled you feel that you are on top of the world, & if your expectations are shattered you become dejected from life.

So, let me tell you friends, expect from everyone you trust & believe in but God forbid if some of your expectations remain unfulfilled then please do not get heart-broken. Think that, you’re a morally upright person, & life expects only your happiness, so SMILE……I know, it’s easy to preach & hard to imbibe, but please try it once, I am sure you will feel better from next time, if any of your expectations remain unfulfilled.

With Best Wishes…………….



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2 Responses
  1. Think Tank Says:

    expectations ..u can't avoid them and they end disappointin u more often than not

  2. Tickled pink Says:

    True but we can't get over either expectations or the wound that follows them.