Manjari Shukla

Courage of your Convictions

If one believes in oneself, & has the ability to change the world, then no one can stop him/her. One should contemplate before taking any decision. Your contemplation, gives you an upper hand. A proper contemplation, gives a result, which is absolutely correct. Many a time, people take decision on their own, but if someone shows doubt on their convictions, they start giving second thoughts to their convictions. I really detest those people, who have no standing of their own; they are always carried away by the wind. A true person is that who stands on his opinion, who has a firm belief, & who doesn’t hesitate to present his view in front of the world.

No doubt, many a time we take wrong decision, & land in trouble, but one must remember the fact that failures are not bad; they are a lesson, to THINK BETTER. Those who are scared of failures can never move ahead. Failure & success can be compared to happiness & sadness. If one is there in life, the next will also come. We cannot expect only happiness in life, nor we are always standing in the wind of sadness, similarly success & failures come & go in our life. Holding only to success, & getting distressed at failures mars the essence of living.

It is your conviction which determines your success. All you need to have is full faith in your capabilities, and then only you will be able to set new standards. Getting carried away by the flow of water will make you mediocre in every aspect of life, & if you want to be a unique person, you must create new ways to get success. Your different attitude towards life will give you an edge over others, & you will be delighted to enjoy the fruits of your success.

So, all I can say is that have faith in your beliefs, & I am sure you will achieve success.



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2 Responses

  1. Tickled pink Says:

    Contemplation is a difficult task esp. during decision making but your logics are good. Nice job