Manjari Shukla

A Child’s Smile

Have you ever seen a child smiling? Of course, you have. Have you ever noticed any special trait in a child’s smile? Do you know what differs a child’s smile from an adult smile?

The difference is in attitude. A child is pure at heart & smiles from within whereas an adult smiles from without. God dwells in a child’s heart & when he smiles, his smile exhibits Divinity. In the case of grown-ups, smile is a veneer. Smile hides their intentions & that’s why their smile is not like a child’s smile.

Smile is considered to be the most beautiful attire. A beautiful smile wins everyone’s heart. A child is closest to god &that’s why when he smiles, his innocent smile gives pleasure to everyone. His smile is full of innocence & truth. A child’s smile comes straight from heart. His heart is pure & that’s why his smile is pure & divine. The cackling sound of a child’s laughter has magical traits. A sweet & honest smile on a child’s face can remove all the sorrow & sadness.

It is believed, Smile is the only curve that sets everything straight. The most beautiful smile is that which comes from a pure & honest heart. It has the power to heal all ailments.

So, Smile from within, be true at heart & you will be able to conquer the world………..

Lastly, I wanna say:

Smile in pleasure,

Smile in pain,

Smile when trouble pours like rain……….



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  1. Tickled pink Says:

    Chooo cute.really a smile can heal ailments and if it is a child's smile esp.the one in the photo then i guess there will be no ailment in the first place.Good Job girl.