Manjari Shukla

Tomorrow’s Another Day

It is not necessary that what we desire in life, we get it right here, right now. If one desires to get a particular thing & is ready to do anything to achieve it, then sooner or later, he/she will get the thing. One must not lose hope & believe in the saying Tomorrow’s Another Day.

So, what if you have lost the match today, so what if you have failed in the examination this time, so what if you have lost the challenge today? If you are determined to win, tomorrow will be yours. If the fire of optimism is burning in your heart, victory will be yours. Hopelessness, feeling of losing a game, brings dejection in life; it mars your courage & gives you utter failure. Those who are determined in mind & spirit can change the world & those who are happy at their losses & have left everything in the hands of destiny are losers in the race of life.

Life is in the moment & those who know how to make the most of it are the victors. Winning & losing is part of game, but getting lessons from your victory & failure is the real spirit of living. Winners & losers are players in the game, but those who enjoy the game are the real achievers. Don’t think that only winning is an achievement, losing too is an achievement. Losing teaches you to work harder.

So, whenever life brings twists & turns, be ready to learn new things. Even if you lose today, keep the faith alive that, Tomorrow’s Another Day……….



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  1. Tickled pink Says:

    really tomorrow never dies.even james bond believes this ha..ha