Manjari Shukla

My Silver Jubilee post

Reaching here was a great experience. I learnt a number of things. I am very happy that I have reached to my 25th post. The blogging had made me more confident, it has polished my hidden potential for writing, though I am not a great writer now but as a beginner, I think I have achieved something. The journey is long & I promise to write better & entertaining things in the coming future. Though I don’t have many readers & followers, but I want to thank all those who have devoted some time to my posts. I will be happy to receive your comments on my works. Please keep checking out my blog.

Once again thanks for your comments…………!!!!!!!!



P.S.:- Please send your comments on my email id or also.

2 Responses
  1. Tickled pink Says:

    Congratulations.25thy post in less than 25 give a break.Think 4 some new ideas and thaen post.meanwhile we have enough 2 read here.

  2. Creativity!! Says:

    Wowww!!!!!!!!!Great Achievement Dear :D Hearty Congratulations :) You are an excellent blogger :D Your blog is extremely beautiful :D I really extremely liked it :) Will take some time to read all ur posts & comment :D All The Very Best Success :) Keep Blogging :) You are doing an excellent Job :D Keep It Up :)