Manjari Shukla

Mirror of Life

When you stand in front of a mirror, you see an image of yourself. This image according to law of Physics is virtual, & cannot be kept on the mirror, after you move away from it. If we envision life to be a mirror, we will find that life too reflects an image. An image which is real & which stays on its screen long after we have walked out from it. A mirror is a concrete object & it shows a virtual image, but mirror of life is an abstract object & it reflects a real image. In my opinion a real image in the mirror of life is that image, which is a reflection of interior & exterior traits. This real image is only visible to us & our actions beautify or disfigure it respectively.

The real image formed in the mirror of life shows how nice or bad we are. Our good actions help in the embellishment of this image & our bad actions are responsible for an ugly image. A person of this era is bound to have a veneer, otherwise people will take advantage of him, but after a long hectic day when he returns back home, his image in the mirror of life should remain pure, but if he, too like the bad persons commits crime, deceives people, his image in the mirror will be ugly like those who are bad in every deed.

No matter what you are to the world, but you should strive to be a person who can glance in the mirror of life confidently. Your actions should be such that they form a true image of yourself, which you can see proudly. It is this real image, which makes you a good human being. No one wants to look ugly, & those who really desire to look beautiful must have a beautiful real image in the mirror of life, because those who are beautiful from WITHIN are beautiful from WITHOUT, on the contrary those who are ugly from within, cannot have an impressive exterior.

So, friends work in such a way that you should be able to face your image in the mirror of life confidently, don’t indulge in those things & activities which can disfigure your real image. The reflection in the mirror of life should be unique & it is possible only if your deeds are unique.



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  1. Think Tank Says:

    Manjari, sweetu ...ok never mind

  2. Tickled pink Says:

    baap re baap. Jai Manjari Ramdev Baba Ki. Nice High flowing philosophy.Good that u know real facts of life which people have forgotten.