Manjari Shukla

My Husband, George….!!!!!

Whether you accept it or not, but somewhere deep down, in the deepest core of heart, every girl desires a husband who will love her more than anything in the world, who will laugh with him & will give shoulder to her tears, who will always be the reason of her smile, & never the reason of distress, who will take care of everything & will try everything to make her special, but every girl is not fortunate as Cynthia. Cynthia, the heroine of our story. She got married to George, 10 years ago, & still the fire of love is kindling between the two. They have not fought for a single reason in the past 10years, if she is distressed at something, George solves the problem, & the opposite is equally true. These days, in the want of space in relationship, marriages don’t last so long. The so-called SPACE creates drift between husband-wife & ultimately they land in court, filing divorce against each other.

Cynthia & George were classmates, & on the day of their farewell, George proposed to her. They got married after 5 months, & now stay in New York. George, is really very understanding, the reason for his being like this goes to his upbringing, her mother-father shared a great relationship, & this understanding was inculcated in him from the very early age. Not only marriage, he handled official affairs with equal ease. His love & understanding made Cynthia the luckiest girl in the whole wide world. She hardly missed her family; George pampered her so much, that sometimes she forgot she had a family in Chicago.

But for the past one month, George was behaving in a strange manner. He never left the home, without informing Cynthia. She was a bit upset about George’s changed behaviour, but she had faith, there must be some reason. But everyday, George behaved in an outlandish manner. The most annoying thing which George did to Cynthia was, he went out of town for a week, without informing her. She started thinking, like other relationships, our relationship is now gasping for breath; George now does not feel right to inform me about his affairs. It was 15th June, & she was so sad, that she forgot it was her 11th Anniversary. She was lying on the couch, with brimful of eyes, when the door bell rang. She wiped off the tears, & went to open the door. It was George, he came in uttered not a single word, & went into his room. She followed him, & on entering room she found he was packing her things. When Cynthia asked, what he was doing. George gave her an angry look. He held her wrist & brought her to the car. On the drive, Cynthia continuously asked where they were going, but George did not speak a single word. Finally, they came down an apartment, George asked her to come out of car, & told her to go to the 11th floor, she hesitated, but George’s angry looks could not hold her for so long in the car. She went to 11th floor, & as she opened the door, do you know what she found……… SURPRISE…..

Everyone shouted Happy anniversary, Cynthia…..she was taken aback, while she was recalling the date, George came from behind & hugged her. He apologized & said he was planning a grand surprise for his beloved wife. He said, he had bought the home for her, as he always knew Cynthia did not want a rented home.

Cynthia was touched, her tears made her vision hazy, & she said, “I love you, My Husband, George………” George understood many of the unspoken words, & said I love you too, My Cynthia.



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2 Responses
  1. Think Tank Says:

    :) ..sweet story ...we could do with more dialogues instead of narration..makes it real

  2. Tickled pink Says:

    Height of utopia.I mean they haven't fought 4 over a decade??But its true that every girl nurses this kind of dream. the irony is only 1 among 100 gets it fulfilled. nice story. Think tank's right add more dialogue n yes that line "Ilove u MY HUSBAND George".I guess in that ecstacy she might have forgetten his relation with her.... But good attempt n really sweet.