Manjari Shukla
The randomness to be,is taking me to heights, unachieved and not even thought of, by anyone, it is all pleasure and pleasure, but the inner spirit is feeling a turmoil from within, what is it actually, the randomness is so dynamic ,that it is taking me out of my senses to a land unknown, unseen, unreached and  at the same time utmost satisfaction is lingering around, the sentence is loosing the control, and the focus is shifting too, still it is going on and on and on, and still so much is left to be said, how to hold my flow, is the question, I am unaware of, still the flow is maintained, all rubbish, still making atleast some sense. . . .

2 Responses
  1. If you closely watch even randomness has a pattern..( being an engineer i can say that)..But yes being random explores a person more...keep celebrating the randomness called LIFE

  2. Blue Moon Says:

    True :)
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