Manjari Shukla

The breeze blowing near the sea shore, reminded me of the wonderful tides, on which we rode our steamer, when we were kids. Everything was mesmerizing, beautiful and just the way we thought it to be, now after so many years, when my brother and I am married, we have family; often when we meet our mom and dad in the summer breaks, I long to visit those times, once again which we treaded so very happily in the company of one another. Our mom and dad, are now staying with each other, and we two working and staying with our family a bit away from them, we talk on phone every day, and even visit them at small intervals, to have lunch and dinner, with our better halves and kids, but those get togethers are momentary, and when we leave, they both are again left only with each other. The walk, I often take near the sea shore reminds me of all those times which passed like a wink of an eye… and now after so many years, we have only memories to cherish and nothing else. If I had a time machine, I would have taken a trip down to the memory lane, and would have stayed as long as possible with my family, and would have stretched all the favourite moments to eternity, but I guess, that is quite impossible, still I long to have a time machine… No doubt, I am happy with my husband and family, still those moments spent with my family were I guess, the best ever in the whole life time.

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  1. Creativity Says:

    Woww Beautiful Touching Write Up Dear :) Again, Your Write Up, Flowed me down to my memories :)