Manjari Shukla

The scorching heat of the month of May in India suddenly got removed by a wonderful shower of rain, the breeze which was too very hot and painful, suddenly became, soothing and perfect in every sense. The weather was unraveling its best mood, and trying to mesmerize everyone with its magical spell of rain. I stood by the window, and kept gazing at the sky, from which raindrops trickled down continuously, as if celebrating something, and outpouring happiness, more happiness.

Each raindrop was having a whole store of happiness within itself, the moment it fell on my window sill, it actually filled me with the happiness, which it was holding in itself. Slowly, the drops created a small pool of happiness, and suddenly a small sparrow came from somewhere, sat near the pool, and had a gulp of water for its thirsty neck, it too was glad. While it was having the gulp of happiness from the rain water pool, I was hiding beside the window sill, observing it, but not making it aware of my presence. It was lovely, to see the small sparrow quench its thirst.  It rested for a while, to keep itself dry from the rain, and when the showers stopped for a while, it flew to its nest, which was on a nearby tree.

All was so good, and really an oft quoted statement came to my mind, that if one really hunts for happiness, it can be felt in the most common things, at times even those things, which are beyond our visualization when we are not in a mood to look for happiness and contentment, but if we actually look for happiness, it holds our hands, and shows us what was lying in front of us…. and then really every little aspect of life bestows on us a full bag of happiness, sheer happiness.

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