Manjari Shukla
Words have melted themselves into an ocean of feelings, appearing as if they were always meant to be there only. Pristine were they, in their appearance, and made me ponder about how they actually emerged through me, out of a nowhere... no doubt, they were full of different shades, and each shade was pure, clear, and extremely beautiful, I was thrilled, when they started appearing on the surface of my consciousness, but suddenly when they realised that there is no outlet, because of some unavoidable conditions, they decided among themselves to melt themselves in the ocean of feelings... slowly and steadily they melted, and dissolved in the ocean... and the entire surface was now silent, the consciousness forgot their existence; but in the subconscious, they were present, hiding, and blinking even after being  melted... and I decided to give them a form, though many emotions are still unraveled, probably all of them, but their emergence on my mental horizon forced me to articulate them, though hidden, but present in their absence from consciousness.
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