Manjari Shukla
At times, what we feel is actually partially true, and we feel it to be the whole truth, the fact is that probably at times, we are only aware of one side of the coin, and are sure of the other half, but, we never know, that probably a twist lies on the other half. Many a time, situations in life, make us realize, how much we are required in a particular place, how much we are capable enough to accomplish any task, but if suddenly something happens and we are brought back to reality that it is not we, who are doing a particular task, but the tasks are unraveling themselves on their own, and we who claimed to be a part of the task, are actually not at all, a single element in the whole story, then we actually come across the whole idea of our existence.

So, is existence there, or its just a twist in the tale??

2 Responses
  1. Quite an interesting thought and true to an extent!There are always imponderables in any situation unknown to us but that should not deter us from making an effort.It is the mystery in life that makes should spur us to unravel its purpose.

  2. Blue Moon Says:

    @ KParthasarthi : Thanks a tonne for your comment here. Thats really true, what you have expressed, truly life is a mystery, at every step...