Manjari Shukla

So simple and delicate it was, fresh as the first ray of the morning and so beautiful that no image in the world can be compared to it. I was thrilled to have it in my bare palms, it was so very soft, and appeared to be alive with its own liveliness and spark. I was mesmerized by its beauty, and the moment for me appeared to freeze, when it landed on my palm, from somewhere above. I wanted to hold it, but its delicateness, held me from imprisoning it, even for a small while, I continuously looked at it, so pristine in appearance it was, slowly a gush of wind came and it took the small tiny feather with itself to a far unknown land. I was held back by the moment for a while, when the whole thing happened with me. I still remember the softness, the pristinity of the delicate small feather, which eventually gave me a moment worth cherishing forever.

4 Responses
  1. Enjoy the beauty of being human..Celebrate the most beautiful gift gien my nature...LIFE

  2. typos..* given by mother NATURE ...LIFE

  3. Blue Moon Says:

    Thank you Ankur bhaiya, for the wonderful comment... really Mother Nature has bestowed on us so beautiful a life, which should be enjoyed at its full.

  4. It is a very beautiful picture that complements the writeup