Manjari Shukla
Rain drops on a broken column
Made me remember about my childhood plays…
Making paper boats,
Dancing madly in the rain,
Getting drenched in water,
Mom’s calling us to come back,
Our return,
For the Bhajjias and tea…
And a homely get together.

At a far distance,
Clouds were seen,
Accumulating themselves for the next shower,
Slowly and steadily,
The group of clouds
Started their drifting journey,
Towards the town, and
It started raining again,
Few drops first appear,
On the window column of my house,
Then a full bag
Of raindrops,
Let themselves loose…
And once again,
Its rain, rain everywhere…
1 Response
  1. The initial rain,paper boats,the short lull and then the torrential downpour brought vivid images.
    Thanks for the nice verse.