Manjari Shukla

A new year, A new beginning and A new attempt of Blog writing…hope this continues…….May the year 2012 be such an year which unfold many new unread chapters, and may it pave path for new vistas…….Kindly pay sometime of your busy schedules to this attempt of my blog-writing…your suggestions are  most welcome….I am writing after a long while so mistakes are bound to happen….pardon me for the same…..and hope I make a fruitful Blogging Year ahead…..Amen……
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  1. Thanks Manajri for sharing the link and writing good articles out here. I managed to read more than 10 articles and found them good to read.
    I would suggest you that you can start writing for some current issues...people are now more interested to participate in current ideas and topics which may b from politics, society, innovations and more imp which is related with day 2 day life.
    (This is just my suggestion)



  2. Blue Moon Says:

    @Manjit:thnx for visiting n giving such valuable suggestions, will surely start writing on suggested topics....