Manjari Shukla

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Often it is said, that Women are the potential sources of quarrel or war or any other dispute…which in my opinion is nothing but the defeated voice of a male-dominated society, who never realise that quarrels, wars, and disputes are caused not by women but ego clashes.

It is said that Sita was responsible for the disputes in Ayodhya which were recorded in Ramayana, it is said that Draupadi was responsible for Mahabharata. My point of view here is, who has written this that they were responsible, a MALE who always wanted to unleash the POWER OF MALE-DOMINATED SOCIETY, irrespective of the actual facts.

If Sita would have been guilty of any misconduct, she would have never passed the AGNIPARIKSHA, which Lord Rama asked her to undergo, she was proved to be innocent and PATIVRATA, but was Lord Rama ever questioned about his behaviour or conduct?.....…NO, because he was a Male and so, do all of you think that Being a Male is itself a virtue? In my opinion it is not at all a virtue, but a power-game, in which since time immemorial males have been privileged.

Coming to Draupadi, if in a sense of joke, she said to Duryodhan that …..“ANDHE KA BETA ANDHA”, does this gives DHARAMRAAJ YUDHISTHIR the right to lose his wife as an object in Gambling, thereby giving permission to do CHIR-HARAN with her. In my opinion NO, a joke can be answered with a joke, not with IMMORALITY,which the Kauravas did. Here also, if Draupadi would have been wrong, Lord Krishna would never have come to rescue her.



Indian Culture and Mythology is the only one, which exercises the concept of ARDHNARIESHWAR, that is equal distribution of anything to male and female, but since time immemorial, the male spirit have dominated the female spirit, thinking it to be feeble.

You must be thinking, if this condition is prevailing from long time, why not women reacted against it….then let me tell you that until and unless you get authority how can you express anything…to some extent we can say EMERGENCE OF FEMINISM was a response to the age-old atrocities, but very soon it started losing grounds, do you know why? Because if it would have been in POWER totally, it would have converted the Male-Dominated society into dust.

When a writer writes, until and unless she/he gets authority or recognition she/he is not known….to anyone…….if RAMAYANA, MAHABHARATA or any other Scripture would have been written by women, might be, the way the world is viewed today would have been different………but males never allowed females to study, there were very few female stalwarts and intellectuals in Ancient Times, but nothing much is known about them. Do you know why? Because the Male-Principle never gave a chance for the arousal of Female-Principle. If one can assume, why women never reacted to atrocities, why can’t they assume that may be some females have written scriptures equivalent to RAMAYANA & MAHABHARATA, but since Male-dominated society gave no heed to it, they were lost in oblivion?

The argument can go on……but at the end even though FEMALE-PRINCIPLE will be victorious…….it will be said that MALE-PRINCIPLE Won.

I must clarify that I am NOT AGAINST MALE or MALE-PRINCIPLE, I believe in the Concept of “ARDHNARIESHWAR”, equal rights, respect and recognition should be provided to females, because in no way they are feeble to males.

It is said “POWER CORRUPTS AND ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY”, it is this power given to the males, that have corrupted their whole male-point of view. If they will realise that women are capable like them, no clashes will be there.

Hope They Realise This Soon………

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