Manjari Shukla
The morning itself was a puzzle. A puzzle, may be known to me, but difficult to be solved. What was this exactly, the mind was trying to decipher. The puzzle entered the psyche slowly when I was about to sleep at night, and when in the morning I woke up, it was standing on my Mind’s door, waiting to be unlocked and sorted. I wanted that before solving it out completely, let me try all those things which can answer the query of this puzzle, but to no avail, it was as strong as before and finally decided to be sorted out only with my indulgence and involvement in it. Like the dry leaves of a twig, it appeared, which try getting solace after falling from tree to the land; their final abode. The puzzle was silent, and was not giving any hint to me, so that I can solve it soon, I was fed up after a while, and it continued looking at me with forlorn eyes. The day was passing at its swift rate and I was puzzled by this “puzzle”, neither I was getting a way out, nor anything else, I tried my best to solve this, but to no avail again. The mind’s entrance was occupied by this, and no other thought was trying to enter, as if, all were patiently with the puzzle, waiting…once it gets solved, then we’ll enter the zone was their mantra for the day…but…I was feeling uneasy now, one thought, that too a puzzle, about which  I don’t know is standing and waiting; finally Mom brought breakfast for me, and I thought maybe this will help, the first sip of tea started removing the image of puzzle from my psyche, what was it actually, a hangover may be or something which only required a mom-made tea and breakfast, finally I realized, I was at home and Not in hostel, and hence this big question mark of morning tea was standing on the mind’s door and finally I got rid of it. The waiting thoughts entered the mind and then finally I had a good day.

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