Manjari Shukla

Standing by the mirror, I came across a flood of memories, which engulfed me for a while in such a way, that I was not able to believe, that what I actually am now, is someone, who has undergone a sea change in the last many, many years… the one standing in front of the mirror, is a collection of many individual selves, which has been transformed in the course of time… and the transformation has been so very gradual, and slow, that my individual self was not able to interpret the change, but yes… the change today, in a sudden flash of moment, came to be visible to me, when I was combing my hair, to go to a party… the way I used to comb my hair in childhood, the way I dressed and got ready for school, my college days, my marriage, and after the kids… all came alive to me, in a sudden chain of events, and finally when I draped in a blue chiffon sari, looked at myself, dressed in the mirror, I realised, truly time’s winged chariot has taken me, from a land of childhood, to the present place, and everything in the journey had been worthwhile, ups and downs are very much a part of every existence, but what I am today is someone, I really adore and revere, and this journey is only made worthwhile, because of the people, who have been my constant companions, and those who left in the journey, taught me lessons, I should never ever forget… altogether, it was a worthy voyage… I was still appreciating and enjoying, each strand of those memories, which suddenly took me to a long lost land, but… was interrupted by a voice… it was my husband, calling me to come downstairs for the party. Just like a dream, dissolving itself into unconscious, once we are suddenly awake, I too, was brought to the present time, the memories, vanished somewhere near the corner of mirror… I hope, someday again they will meet me… and I would love to remember every small moment, which life has given me.
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    Beautiful Write up! Excellent Write up on those memorable Days!