Manjari Shukla

What are we here for?

Have you ever pondered over the fact what are we here for? Why god has chosen us to be a part of the modern world? The modern man is so busy in the rat race of modern life that he hardly gets time to think over the questions which I have raised at the beginning of the post.

What I feel is that surely we are here to complete some grave purpose of God. Our existence is surely a meaningful decision of god…it is completely up to us how we make our life meaningful & worthwhile…

I consider that man should take his life to be a canvas…it is needed that on the canvas of life with the choicest colours…one should paint a unique picture…one that is outstanding, out worldly…this painting should be made in such a way that it should reflect the unique identity of the painter…the painting should be the return gift to God as well as to one’s parents who have made the existence of the person possible…

Make your life such a canvas that the painting which you draw on it, by taking the colours from life, prove to be a unique blend of innocence as well as wisdom.

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  1. Blue Moon Says:

    This post is dedicated to one of my dear friends Amar.....

  2. Creativity!! Says:

    Woww!!!!!!! Beautiful Write up!!!!!! Glad To See You After A Long Time :) :)

    Wish You A Very Happy New Year :) :)

  3. The beautiful picture in vibrant colours is in sync with the theme of nicely written post

  4. Thanks for your kind comments.
    Best wishes for a Happy New Year.

  5. Very nice reflective post on the meaning of life. I like your thought of "giving a return gift to God" :-))

  6. y so serious Says:

    everyone is born with some unique quality...we struggle to identify it...some are successful n some are not...but life is not about just some search...its about fighting with the blankness of our existence,colouring it with our naive feelings n sentiments...Helen i luvd ur concept of comparing life with a canvas.

  7. irfanuddin Says:

    the purpose of our existence in this world, is really something to think about... but as u said "we r so busy in the rat race that we hardly bother to think over it..."... nicely written.

  8. Blue Moon Says:

    @Irfanuddin:thnx for visiting my blog and leaving your comment.ii visited your blog,its quite cool and colorful,gudluck for next posts...i tried to comment on your post but due to some error i was unabble to do it...but thnx again for ur visit...keep visiting.n leave your comments.....

  9. Linnea Says:

    What a fabulous aspect on life! :D I'm very refreshed by your words. You visited my blog a couple years ago and I never replied, terribly sorry. I just started blogging again and it is a fantastic release from average day life, don't you think? So happy that you shared your thoughts :)


  10. Tickled pink Says:

    lovely post, loved the last line especially..........

  11. Rhapsody B. Says:

    We are here to live, love, laugh, support each other, accept each other without judgments, to connect, reconnect, console, hold, share our experiences, to realize that we are all connected and intertwined and we want the same things just articulated differently. To be loved, understood, accepted, acknowledged, wanted and validated.


    nice post