Manjari Shukla

A Day To Remember………..
(A Dedicatory Post)
Wednesday,19th oct,2010: Today we both had a gala time…you must be wandering who’s this second one….both means(Abhilasha & me; dedicatory post)…today we both spent our day together & had a talk on n number of things………….tomorrow she is going back to her place & I’ll be leaving for Varanasi on 23oct..I thought it’s been long since I made any post…to be very frank my flair for writing has taken a back seat but I thought I must share my whole day experience with my readers. Hope you’ll like it…..firstly we both went to college, spent some time with our teachers & our juniors. Then I went to Abhilasha’s place & I must tell you aunty (Abhi’s mom) prepared all my favorite dishes, so had a fab lunch too. Then abhi & me talked about a number of things, we saw a number of pics, watched videos on net….& did many more things. In total the day was awesome & from the clock of eternity, it was one of the best & one of the most memorable days of my life…..Thanks goes to my darling Abhi…it was her presence which made everything so perfect & beautiful. Hope we both had many more fun-filled days in the coming future…..sending lots of love & best wishes for her……………
I know, this is more a personal post…but…dear readers…my endeavor through this post was not to share my day only…but at that same time I wanted that all of you after reading this post ponder over your life & think about those cherished moments which you have spent with your dear & loved ones……..& I’m sure a sweet, soft & memorable smile will surely come to your face…….
4 Responses
  1. Blue Moon Says:

    a dedicatory post for my darling...hope u'll enjoy reading it.........ur comments will be awaited......


  2. Tickled pink Says:

    Manjar........thank u so so very much for this post. It was surely a day to remember. v cant have that quantity of time which like before but I guess these long awaited meetings have taught us about the essence of quality time.
    M eagerly awaiting 4 another holiday. N thanks to the day it atleast revived us to write something on blogosphere.
    you know, even I am inspired again 2 write..
    thanks Manjar...thanks again..
    ur presence in my life has made it even more beautiful....
    take care buddy......
    c ya soon...

  3. Nice to come to your blogspot after a long time dear.. I am so glad to read that you are going to Varanasi. It is one of my favourite destinations (but been there only once)..



  4. Blue Moon Says:

    thanks a tonne for visiting and leaving your comments....